Sunday, June 06, 2010

Quilt Show

It's been a very, very busy month, quilt-wise. The Green Country Quilt Guild's big show was Friday and Saturday, and it was amazing!

I'm proud to say that I got TWO ribbons. Here's the honorable mention:

I managed to finish my Brazilian embroidered wall hanging, although it didn't get anything:

It's finished, though, after nine years, so that's really good.

This quilt got a second place, which I'm absolutely THRILLED about:

And here's another one that didn't get any ribbons (which I expected--there are knots on the back of the quilting where eight to twelve lines of stitching intersect, and I didn't fix them because this is a very well-used quilt).

And just for fun, I put this one in that my Mom pieced and I quilted:

I also put in my All The Same But Different quilt, which (of course) didn't get anything. It's not a pleasing quilt design to me. In fact, it's so unpleasing to me that I didn't bother to take a picture at the show, apparently. LOL!

I took more than 350 pictures at the show, and I've put many of them in my Picasa album, which you can see here.