Saturday, October 21, 2017

Is this blog dead? Hmmm

I've not blogged much in the last few years. Facebook has made it incredibly easy to pop off about various things, but blogs haven't quite yet gone the way of the dinosaur.

I think I'll start posting here again, if only because it's easier to find things here than on Facebook once some time has passed. I'm going to keep it mostly to fiber crafts, although an occasional post about other things might pop up.

Things that have changed since I posted the last time:

  1. new house! We moved about a mile away from the old house, and after two years I'm still totally in love with this house and most of the neighbors. While the neighbors have dogs, they don't let them bark incessantly, they take care of their houses and yards, and some of them are even nice to socialize with! We've really lucked out with the ones to either side.
  2. new job! I'm now the assistant manager at one of the regional branches. I love it!
  3. new school situation! Last year I started on an MLIS, Masters of Library and Information Science. I hope to graduate in December of 2018. 
I'm still knitting, crocheting, spinning, etc. and enjoying it.
I entered three things in the fair and got a sweepstakes+first on some handspun yarn, a second place on my small shawl from handspun yarn (fiber from my sister), and nothing on my crocheted cowl (I wasn't expecting it to--it was nothing special, but I wanted to enter *something* in that category.)

So, not bad!

Now the challenge is going to be to continue to post here. Now that they've improved the method for adding photos, it's more likely to happen.