Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tulsa State Fair stuff

I dragged the whole family up to the fair grounds and we turned in our fair entries.

I, of course, had tons of last-minute stuff to finish, the most-recent item being this bag:

I put a lining in it (deliberately long, because I'm anticipating that the outside will stretch a little as I use it). It's got a pocket on each side and in the side seam there are two lanyards with hooks for keys and my wallet, so that I can dig them out quickly.

I also (finally) finished my Hey Teach sweater, which is unfortunately too big (but not huge on me) so it's still wearable.

I'm calling this my Ridiculous Doily, for two reasons: 1.) it's done out of size 30 crochet thread; and 2.) it's done out of size 30 thread because the Tulsa State Fair category for "Lace" specified that said "lace" must be done out of size 20 thread or smaller.


It's pretty darn obvious that whoever came up with that ridiculous rule didn't pay attention to the nine entries in the "Knitting: Adult Accessories" category that were lace, and not ONE used "thread."

Thus, this is my Ridiculous Doily, made expressly to enter a knit item into that category:

I think it's around 14" across, although I didn't measure it before I turned it in.

The other last-minute project is my rubber-stamped scrapbook page, entered in the Rubber Stamping division. The rules stated that the entry had to be "70% stamped" so I stamped the brown paper, the tag, the ribbon, and the blue paper in the background.

Last week I posted about the flowers I was making using scrapbook paper, and here's the finished ornament:

I made a tassel out of gold embroidery floss and I think the whole project turned out really nicely. The tutorial can be found here (part 1; part 2 is at the end).

I just realized that I didn't take pics of the kids' Lego entries. Bad Mom! I'll be sure to take pics at the fair itself.

The fair opens September 30, so hopefully we'll hear pretty quickly after that if anything won.

The *best* part of the day, though, was meeting IndigoGentry and Saradippity, two of my fellow Ravelers. They're just as awesome as I thought they'd be.
I hope you're all having a great weekend!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gilly's bed is finished

Greg couldn't stand it any more—when he went to check on how the paint was drying, he declared it set enough to assemble the bed in Gillian's room!

I think it's absolutely wonderful, and so does Gilly!

It took her about 20 minutes to completely cover the top shelf with animals (just as I predicted). There are a few animals in the side cubbies, and a hardback library book fits perfectly too.

I'm so proud of Greg!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Quilt Machine Monday (a day late)

I've been trying to get pictures of what's on the quilt machine every Monday, and obviously I've been failing miserably. :-)

I did manage to get a pic yesterday though, as well as the finished (quilting, anyway) quilt:

The color is off in this pic, but you can see the quilting really well:

And a detail pic:

This one is Teresa Marler's, and it's fabulously scrappy! (I love scrappy quilts--they go with everything and they're interesting to look at. I have a hard time making non-scrappy quilts any more.)

As well as quilting like a mad woman, I've been working on stuff for the Tulsa State Fair.

I'm making a Christmas ornament, and these are two of the 12 flowers that will make up a hanging ball:

I'm also working on finishing up my Hey Teach sweater (it's only taken me a year!) and a small doily. No pics yet.

Greg has continued to work on Gillian's bed, and now it's primed! The next step will be the glossy white paint, I believe. It's coming together, and it's going to be beautiful!

Now it's time for me to go shower--it's almost 2:00 P.M., after all. LOL!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

A Bed!

Greg has been working on building a new bed for Gillian, and today it all came together.

The kids are quite excited (and being total hams!):

Greg bought some neat hardware about a decade ago and so the side rails fit into the head- and foot-boards and should be *very* sturdy but still come apart.

He put some neat storage boxes on the sides and Gilly is already planning and plotting what she's going to store in them.

The plan is to prime it (tomorrow perhaps and paint it a nice glossy white.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Rectangly Hat pattern is up!

A while back I test-knit a double-knit hat pattern, and the designer has now made the pattern available!

Here's the hat I made:

The pattern is free and available here and through Ravelry.