Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Quilt Machine Monday (a day late)

I've been trying to get pictures of what's on the quilt machine every Monday, and obviously I've been failing miserably. :-)

I did manage to get a pic yesterday though, as well as the finished (quilting, anyway) quilt:

The color is off in this pic, but you can see the quilting really well:

And a detail pic:

This one is Teresa Marler's, and it's fabulously scrappy! (I love scrappy quilts--they go with everything and they're interesting to look at. I have a hard time making non-scrappy quilts any more.)

As well as quilting like a mad woman, I've been working on stuff for the Tulsa State Fair.

I'm making a Christmas ornament, and these are two of the 12 flowers that will make up a hanging ball:

I'm also working on finishing up my Hey Teach sweater (it's only taken me a year!) and a small doily. No pics yet.

Greg has continued to work on Gillian's bed, and now it's primed! The next step will be the glossy white paint, I believe. It's coming together, and it's going to be beautiful!

Now it's time for me to go shower--it's almost 2:00 P.M., after all. LOL!

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Marianne said...

What a gorgeous quilt and the quilting is outstanding! Yep. Love those scrap quilts too!
holy moly, how many pieces go towards making that ornament? Very Pretty!
YAY for bed being primed!