Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spinning and WIP Wrestling

I still haven't done the vacation blog post, mostly because I've gotten so sucked into the Tour de Fleece.

Here's what I finished up today:

This is the first time I've spun up three separate plies, then plied them together. I usually spin one long singles and then wind a center-pull ball, then ply from that. This time I separated the top into three parts and spun them, then wound them off onto toilet paper rolls. (Classy, huh?)

Two of the plies were within 6" of each other (AMAZING!!!) and the last one had 9 yards more than the other two:

I'm very pleased with the results!

I see a lot more three-ply yarns in my future, but I need to get another bobbin for my spinning wheel before I try it again. I spent a lot of time untangling the singles since they weren't under tension, but I got a gorgeous yarn anyway.

This yarn is for teams Spinning Bunny (because that's where I bought the roving) and team Suck Less, and I think I'm definitely sucking less with this yarn. LOL!


In WIPS Wresting news, I've gotten some progress done on two projects.

First up, I'm almost finished with the heel flaps on my Coupling socks. (I'm using the stitch pattern from the Coupling socks from Knitty, but making them top-down.)

This is the K.I.S.S. Bag (Keep It Simply Stranded) from Sally Melville's Color book.

I decided to do eight repeats of the motif instead of 10, because I'd rather have a shorter bag than a taller one. I'll probably use some leather handles, but I'll decide after I've felted it.

Both of those WIPs (Works In Progress) are for Team Team on Ravelry.

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