Friday, October 09, 2009

I bought myself a present

My birthday is coming up, but I couldn't pass up this when I found it on the clearance shelf at WalMart for $15:

I used one at scrapbooking night a few weeks ago and I was hooked! I know, they've been around for at least two years, but I'm tragically unhip.

Speaking of birthdays, Greg's birthday was last week and all he really wanted (besides his two front teeth, hahahaha Greg) was a steak dinner.

Since I don't work the grill, he had to cook his own dinner.

They were SO good! Gillian wanted a sausage, but both kids finally tried the steak and decided that it was really, really good.

The next post will be about the fair and booties. (NO, I'm *not* pregnant, these are for some of my sister's friends.)

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Anonymous said...

you will love the big bite, I use mine all the time!