Monday, February 15, 2010

We've been busy around here

As usual, it's been longer than I intended since my last blog post but we've been doing all kinds of things around here.

First up, I got two skeins of yarn spun from the roving that my Mom, Karen, and I dyed up while they were here at Christmas.

I'm very happy with it! It's exactly the weight I was trying for. I have five more braids to spin up, then I'll start the knitting. One skein has 172 yards and the second has 168 yards.

Over the weekend I updated my business website with three galleries of customers' quilts. Check them out here!

Speaking of quilts, I just finished the quilting on my friend Calista's quilt. Here's a detail shot of the rocket:

The thread glows in the dark, which you can see in this picture:

Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!?!

Greg has been really busy this weekend, too. He got a new (used, but new to him) table saw, and a new jointer. He's been working on a gorgeous fish tank stand, and he'll put the finish on next weekend.

Here's the table saw:

And the jointer:

I'm so glad he's having such a great time using them. I've given him a list of pieces of furniture I'd love to have him build. LOL!


Marianne said...

Mercy, you make gorgeous yarn and wow, getting the yardage coming out so close!
Those are some pretty cool tools Greg scored!
and yes, glow in the dark thread, Very Cool :^)

Lista said...

Love the yarn! I can't wait to report back with Gabe's reaction when he realizes his quilt glows in the dark! Which reminds me...guess I should put a binding on it, huh?