Monday, March 15, 2010

I just might live

Last week I got hit with a really, really nasty sinus infection. I spent most of the last week sleeping 12 - 14 hours a day, which is not my norm. But, at last, I'm managing to say awake all day!

So now I have a bunch of stuff to get caught up on, but I did manage to finish Teresa's quilt. It's gorgeous and I'm thrilled that I got to participate in this project.

Gorgeous, isn't it?

This weekend Greg and the kids did a lot of work out in the garden, and got two beds ready to go.

Here's the bed from last year, all ready to go, with some onions left over form last year:

Here are some seed packets and tomatoes started:

The new big raised bed, plus a tilled-up area next to it:

Last year the kids talked Greg into building flower boxes, and on Saturday he put them up on the side of the shed and they put seeds in them. Hopefully they'll grow!

The fish tank is up and filled with water, now all we need are fish!

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MamaT said...

The pictures are lovely. Thanks for all your hard work.