Monday, April 12, 2010


Yes, I *am* excited x eleventy.

That's because this is finally finished:

According to my projects page on Ravelry, I started it on February 17 of 2008. Two years this shawl took me, and there were times I literally fell asleep while knitting it.

The last round had 96 21-stitch repeats (decreased down from 25-stitch repeats in the rounds before), and they were taking me between an hour and a half and two hours to do, so I'm incredibly thrilled that this project is OVER.

On the quilting front, I got this little quilt pieced from some blocks I had put together a long time ago:

I'll put some borders and stuff on it to make it big enough for a nice-sized throw, and then I'll donate it to Quilts of Valor most likely since I'm really, really not into red, white, and blue.

At the upper left you can see a couple of my Storm At Sea blocks. That's all I've gotten pieced so far, but I'm almost finished cutting the background fabrics. I don't know if I'll have it done by June for the quilt show but I'm sure going to try!

That's all for now. I just had to show off a bit. :-)


Marianne said...

YOWZA! Your lace is Stunning! Beautiful! Amazing!!!!!

shortoldlady said...

Congrats on a BEAUTIFUL finish! Take your bow - you deserve it for sticking with it.