Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quilts--lots of them!

It's been very, very busy around here. I just finished the final quilt that's due out before Christmas. I feel like a huge load has been lifted from my shoulders.

This is going to be a *very* picture-heavy post, so I'll apologize in advance.

I'll go in order from the ones I haven't posted pics yet (although I'm deliberately leaving out one that I know if a gift, and she's asked me to hold off posting about it until after Christmas).

This is a team effort from Leslie Hale and Teresa Marler:

Janet Hall made this beautiful Irish Chain:

Janice Drehobl put this neat quilt together:

I LOVE how this one by Janet Hall turned out:

And another of Janet's:

Monica Maklin made a couple of really cute kids' quilts using similar patterns and cute prints:

Brooke Lindamood put this cute quilt together for her daughter. She wanted the quilting to look like bubbles, and I think it does!

This is Brooke's other quilt, made to showcase a t-shirt of her Dad's:

Here's another of Janice Drehobl's quilts. The back has notes from "the cat" and it's really cute. I wrote some sayings down the long strips ("a cat's a cat and that's that," "you own a dog but you feed a cat" and the like).

Janice's autumn quilt. We decided on leaves and pumpkins for the quilting.

Janet and her sister pieced this beautiful batik quilt:

Diane Turner's daughter put this top together using her t-shirts from high school:

Leslie Hale made some quilts for Christmas gifts:

Kathryn Blalock had some quilt tops pieced by some of her relatives, and she brought them to me to quilt. They all use vintage fabrics, and they're mostly hand-pieced.


Cathy-Cate said...

What a gorgeous group of quilts! (And it's not even December 23rd yet!)

ZaftigWendy said...

Wow. You are AWESOME, woman!

Anonymous said...

Amazing bunch of quilts, and amazing quilting. Now I know where to come for ideas!

adriene said...

Yet again, I am rendered speechless at the talent of the quilters of this world! Amazing!

Lista said...

Great work! Thanks for posting all the pictures! What fun!

mary said...

Just amazing!!! Such creativity!