Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lucy Bag knitting done

I finished the knitting portion of my Lucy Bag project--now I just need to wait ever so patiently since they just emailed me and said it'll be three more weeks for the backordered dyes) for my dye order to arrive. Once it's dyed, or more accurately, once I've made up my mind how I want to dye it, I'll felt it. I'm really looking forward to that!

Here is a picture of the before-dying-and-felting-bag, modeled by my wonderful Mom for scale:

And of course I won't post any pictures of the finished bag for a month or two. :-(

In other knitting-related stuff, here's a picture of my Mom's sock:

Isn't it looking great? It's her first one. I can't show you the socks I finished or the ones I'm working on now, so I have to show hers instead. :-)

I can show the yarn I dyed (and the yarn I bought) for the current sock project though:

The big one on the left is the one I dyed. It's KnitPicks Color Your Own 100% Merino fingering-weight yarn, dyed by me in blue and black, basically. The one on the right is Koigu KPM, which was hella expensive compared to what I'm used to using. This pair of socks is going to run about $37 by the time they're finished (gasp!!! Don't let my husband see that!!), while my last pair was under $8 including the beads. Yeah, that dye needs to get here. I'm not going to purchase already-dyed sock yarn again unless it totally knocks my sock off! (Sorry, couldn't help it!!)

My wonderful Mom bought the yarn on the right and the new or will be if it ever GETS here dye. I see some custom-dyed yarn in her future.

So on the needles now, I have:
Christmas stockings for the kids that I'll be lucky to finish before Christmas 2010;
Non-Henley that's going to be ripped at some point;
Mirror Mirror scarf that I WILL finish, despite the yarn being a total PITA;
Socks I'm testing;
Diamond Fantasy Shawl that I'm ridiculously close to finishing;
and the eternal Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl.

I think that's it, anyway. At least on the knitting front....

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