Friday, January 25, 2008

I Survived the School Carnival & Hat Attack

Thank goodness this week is over. Tonight was the annual school carnival at my DD's school and as the class mom, that meant that I had to get the class gift basket together as well as volunteer to work one of the games. I could have declined helping work the game, but since only two other moms stepped up and we actually needed six, I got to pick up as much slack as I could. I worked the entire carnival and I'm exhausted! I know I didn't do as much as the main organizers but my goodness, I'm TIRED.

I have to remember NOT to volunteer for class mom next year. LOL!


On to knitting....

I've done some stealth knitting but I can't post about it until the gift is given. Hopefully in the next few weeks!


So if you're a knitter and you haven't had your head in the sand, you've probably heard of Sock Wars. I knew that there was no way I could make a pair of socks quickly enough to make any kind of a decent showing, so I didn't have much interest.

Then came Hat Attack.

Same idea as Sock Wars but with a hat. *This* I can do! I got some yarn last night and I swatched, so I'm all ready to go. Now I just need to wait until the pattern is given out and I find out the name and addy of my "victim." I'd love to make it through at least four rounds, but we'll see. I knit fairly quickly but I'm not sure I'm willing to go to some of the lengths I've heard about during Sock Wars (overnight shipping, staying up all night, etc). However long it lasts I know it'll be fun!


I'd hoped to have some pictures but the weather isn't cooperating. It's cold and very overcast, so not good picture-taking weather. Tomorrow is a busy day with DD's basketball game with pictures before hand (at 8:00 in the morning!!) so if I was a smart woman I'd be in bed now.

Hey now, no snickering! I heard that! ;-)


Kathy said...

It's freezing here too, Kat! Someday, I may get proficient enough at knitting to partake of a "Hat War"! It sounds like a great idea! I just got finished spinning some of our flock sire's fleece into knitting yarn - purposely sized to an attempt at a hat! (wink, wink)

You're inspriational!

The Other "Kat L." in the family!

Kathy said...

Hey, Cuz...There's something on my blog for you! Come and get it!