Friday, January 04, 2008

Slowly Catching Up

First, a belated Happy New Year to everyone!

Here's my last finished object of 2007:

It's the Ice Queen from Romi, in the current issue of Knitty.
I used Kidsilk Haze in Meadow, and I had about 18" of yarn left!

Here's how it looks when not on an Ikea-trash-can-as-model:

I didn't exactly follow the pattern; I didn't change needle sizes at the end, and I skipped the last few rounds (22-24 the last time, I think). I was pretty glad I did when I saw how little yarn I had left! I never seem to have the same amount of yarn left over as other people. I'm just unique I guess!

And my first finished object of 2008:

This is a baby quilt that I've had the fabric for for a looong time. I think I bought it at my shop (I had a quilt shop with a partner) which means it's at least six years old. It's been marinating in my stash, and I put it on the new long arm while it was in the garage and put a pantograph pattern on it. (Of course you can't see it in the picture.) Tonight I put the satin binding on it, and I'm pretty pleased with myself. It's the first finished object using the new machine.


Last night Rori and I went to Loops for their Sock Night. We had a blast! I worked a little bit on my Scroll Lace Socks (Rebecca, we need to get together so that you can try them on!!) and met boxer Lamon Brewster. It was really funny--I'll bet there hasn't been that much testosterone in the shop ever! Hopefully there will be a picture on the Loops blog soon.


This afternoon I got my act together enough to dye some sock yarn for the K.N.I.T. Guild holiday party Yankee Swap that's coming up Sunday.

The color isn't quite right (one of these days I'll actually get my act together enough to take a picture in natural light)--the color is a little brighter. I'm going to re-skein it and put a label on it. The base yarn is KnitPicks' superwash sock yarn. I ordered two skeins of it with my last KnitPicks order, and I can definitely see why it sells out so quickly.


Tomorrow morning at 9:00 (!!) is DD's first basketball game, so I'm going to head to bed.
Maybe tomorrow I'll take some pics of my other projects-in-progress.

Have a great weekend!


Opal said...

Your Ice Queen is just beautiful! I've been dying to start one of my own. Don't worry, it's not for me. As if I could wear one of those in my climate!

Rebecca said...

Hey girlie, we DO need to get together! How about I come to Loops next Tuesday night? Could you make it? And I love your Ice Queen, I'm just waiting on the beads so I can start mine.

Rebecca said...

Well we'll try for the next tuesday then or you can suggest a time that's good for you and I'll see if I can make it. ;)

I haven't gotten to spin much lately with the holidays and planning my brother's wedding in April but I'm anxious to get back to it! I've got some gorgeous cinnamon alpaca batts that I love but I'm getting frustrated just staring at them knowing that I don't have time to spin them right now! They are gonna make a gorgeous laceweight is what I'm thinkin'. Talk to you soon!


Susan said...

I have an Ikea trash can just like that & I never thought to use it as a model! Seriously, the Ice Queen is beautiful. I had wondered what it looked like when someone made it(not just in Knitty).

Romi said...

Ice Queen looks great! And I have the exact same model. :)