Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Today is DD's last day before the holiday break, and in my mad rush to get everything done, I want to pass on some holiday cheer. Check out this tree. [I'm not posting a picture here in respect of copyright, but check out the link!]

I've been promising pictures of my lace-weight yarn, and here it is!

I got 945 yards out of 3.75 ounces (I suspect it was 4 ounces to begin with, but I had some parts I picked out because they were making me mad--much shorter staple length. Grrrrrr!) I'm fairly happy with it, but of course the test will be in the knitting. Now if only I could decide on a pattern....

The bottom yarn is some I managed to spin up, 4 ounces of some beautiful hand-dyed roving my Mom gave me for my birthday. It's not finished yet (need to wet it and hang it to dry). I really love it! I've got another package of the same stuff, and I'm looking forward to getting it spun up, too. I got 135 yards out of that first package. I think it was 2 ounces, but I'm not sure. I'll check later.


Sometimes I get reminded that I have little ears listening to everything, and maybe I need to clean up my language a little bit. For example, here's a conversation we had this morning:

DS: "Is it close to Christmas?"
Me: "It's VERY close to Christmas."
DS: "Oh my hell!?" under his breath.
Me: [giggling] "Sweetheart, how about saying 'Oh my goodness' instead of 'Oh my hell,' all right?" [Yes, I know I shouldn't giggle, but I do think it's pretty darn funny. Even when he does it in public.]

DH and I were talking last night about how he's very much a boy--he loves testing things to, and past, their breaking point. He wants a remote control car for Christmas (and has for months--ever since the summer, if you ask him what he wants for Christmas, it's always "a remote control" by which he means a remote control vehicle of some kind). He'll be four years old in January, and almost none of the remote control cars out there are made for anyone under eight years old, so I anticipate having a broken RC car pretty quickly. Sometimes he surprises us though!


I find it pretty amusing that three of the four people who commented about the ice storm video live in warm places! Thank you for your comments, ladies! It's supposed to be around 60 as the high here again, although it's chilly in the shade. Odd weather, that's for sure!


Opal said...

That Mountain Dew tree is something else! I can't decide on whether I think it's something gaudy and tacky or something that's magnificent and glorious! LOL

Something I do know for sure is how beautiful your handspun is. That blue laceweight is just gorgeous. :)

60F huh? All that ice and snow must be turning into rivers of yuck right about now. Ugh!

BadCatDesigns said...

Lovely spinning! Now what are you going to make with that?

Jane said...

Your yarn is quite beautiful. I'm impressed you got so much done for the Holidays. Can't wait to see what you make with it for the New Year :-)

Lisa said...

Beautiful spinning. Good luck with the RC car lol. said...

Gorgeous yarn! Love your story about DS. Kids are such mimics, but it's not fair sometimes! Also LOL about your comment re: the ice storm vid. Yep, we warm weather folks are a bit underprepared for real winter.