Friday, August 29, 2008

Knitting projects and flowers

It's hot here again! Today I went down to Kellyville and helped (a little bit--I didn't do much!) with shearing some sheep. Mostly I stood around and watched Danny, the shearer work, but I did open and close a gate and write notes on cards that were slipped into the bags of wool. I was dripping sweat by the time I had to leave to pick up Ryan at school. It was fun though!


We grew some Morning Glory plants from seed and they're very happy now:

Pretty, huh? Be sure to click to embiggen.


I've had a rash of finishing things around here, which is both good and bad.

Good, because I'm finishing things. Not always a common occurrence around here, as my DH can attest.

Bad because then I want to cast on for 20 new projects, which is totally justified because hey, I finished one!

Here's Gillian's flower Wallaby sweater, although it still needs a zipper.

She picked the colors and she loves it! Yay!

Here's the start of a top-down raglan for me. I started it a while back, like probably 6 months ago, and didn't pick it up again until last night. The yarn is Bernat Denim Style and so far I like it. It holds up fairly well to frogging, since this is the second time it's been used. It was about 1/2 of a sweater that was a total failure, so I ripped it out. What a cathartic experience that was!

Here's the progress as of last night:

Not much, but I'll get there.

Here's a knitted, beaded ornament cover. Fairly quick to make once I figured out what the pattern meant. Nothing like reading stuff that isn't there!


Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my shawl! We analyzed it at Panera Wednesday night and if I decide to refine and write up a pattern, there will be a few changes that should improve it.


Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

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Rebecca said...

That sweater is adorable Kat! And the Denimstyle is a pretty decent yarn, I still have some in my stash, I love using it for facecloths. It's soooooo soft but doesn't shrink up like 100% cotton. Are you planning on being at guild next month? I missed you this month.