Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ravelympics and web site down

This is another catch-up post, although it's not going to be a complete catch up.

To start, Ravelympics is in full swing (knitting during the Olympics, organized through Ravelry) and as usual I'm rather overcommited. I decided I'd go for the Cowl Jump, Handspun Heptathlon, and the Shawl Relay. I finished the Handspun Heptathlon, although I'm far from thrilled with the finished product.

I looks neat, but it's horribly, horribly scratchy. It's a wool/mohair blend and I really should've known better. I even find Kidsilk Haze hard to wear, and this isn't anywhere near as soft as kid mohair. I didn't end up using the whole 4 oz as I just wasn't interested in doing more of this. I probably used about 3.5 ounces of it, and when I ran out of the thinner ply (for the second time) I decided I was done with that project.

I have no idea what I'll use it for since I don't want it anywhere near my skin. Any ideas?


For the Shawl Relay I'm designing a shawl, and while I'm not 100% in love with it, I'm pretty happy. I'd like it better in a lace-weight yarn I think, but that's not something I can do during the Olympic time parameter with all the other stuff I've got going.

Here's my progress as of yesterday:

I had it pinned out and steamed it to take some measurements, to figure out how much farther I want to continue that last lace pattern before doing something different. I want it to go down just barely past my elbows and I'm getting close.

Then I have to figure out the border. I want to do a knitted-on edging because I don't like the way other ones flip. I'm tempted to go with a garter border to match the edges, but I'd like to do something prettier than that. We'll see--I have a day or so to decide.


At this point I have to confess to being a complete idiot.

I let my domain name expire.


Two years ago, the last time this happened, I was told to change the domain host but that I couldn't do it within two months (I think) of then and within two months of it expiring. Two months is a loooong time for me, and when I finally did remember, I got partway through the process, got confused, got interrupted (multiple times--I have young children and they were even younger then), and forgot.

Last night I went to check something on my site and it did not take me to my site and I panicked a little bit.

Hopefully I can get it straightened out soon and the site will be back up. I've had the darn thing for six years now, but now there's a quilt shop called Pieceful Stitches that started up a little while ago, so hopefully they don't grab it before I can do something to get it back. [No, I'm not affiliated in any way with them, and they have nothing to do with my business or line of patterns.]


Last night I pulled yarn out of my wonderful yarn box that Greg built for me (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and photographed it to put in my stash on Ravelry. It was kind of depressing in some ways, but I'm trying to get a handle on what I've got since most of it is stored out of eyesight. I sure have some lovely yarns! They just need to become lovely knitted items now.


Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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