Friday, September 26, 2008

Button Shawl Pin and Some Fair Results

At the August K.N.I.T. Guild meeting one of my friends, Linda Young, gave me some glass buttons she made. I immediately thought they'd be a wonderful pin, and here's what I came up with:

I can tell I'll get a lot of use from it.


I finished another small quilt:

This is one from a couple of years ago, when some gentlemen from the quilt guild came to our stitch group and we had a mini workshop.


The big news from the Tulsa State Fair is that my Rose of England got sweepstakes!

Rori and her family went last night (opening night), as was kind enough to notice some of my things.

So the tally so far:
Rubber stamped card— unknown
Beaded necklace— second or third
Hand spun novelty yarn— first
Knit socks— first
Gillian's Wallaby—second
Floral Fantasy quilt—unknown
Black and Tan quilt—unknown
Rose of England shawl—first and sweepstakes

I can't wait to go and actually see them myself.

Rori got some ribbons, too! Her baby sweater got a first place ribbon and her Ice Queen (which is gorgeous!) got a third place ribbon. YAY, Rori!


Nancy said...

Congrats on your prizes. I am going to enter some things next year. I don't know what yet.

ann I am said...

It was exciting to see your entries and ribbons and especially the best in show---yea!!!!! Good Job Kat.

Judy said...

Dear Kat,

You are amazingly talented. I am speechless.

Best to you and family,
xo, Judy