Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fair Entries and IndiaFest

Today I took my entries over to the fair, so I thought I'd post pictures of what I'm entering. I'm kicking myself though because I forgot to enter my handspun Victorian Shoulderette! I'm terribly disappointed with myself.

Here's what I did enter:

That's not the world's best picture because it's been really rainy here so good natural light has been non-existent. I entered eight things:

A stamped card (color is more accurate in pic above):

The necklace I made to go with the beautiful bracelet Greg gave me for Christmas:

I didn't enter the bracelet, just the necklace, since the category was "any other handmade jewelry."

Here are my two quilt entries:

And my handspun entry, in the "any other animal fiber, novelty" category.

The Rose of England is going in the "adult knit clothing or accessory" category.

And I had to enter a pair of socks since this is the first year they've had a hand-knit socks category. I did block them before I dropped them off so they look a little nicer than in the photo below.

I'm not as thrilled with my entries this year as I was last year, but it would be great to come home with some ribbons again.


This afternoon, after dropping my fair entries off, we went over to another part of the fairgrounds to IndiaFest. We had a good time! I got a henna tattoo on the back of my hand, and the kids each got one, too. Greg rolled his eyes at us be we had fun. :-)

Gillian was being silly for the camera:

Here's mine:
And here's what Ryan chose:

The kids had a great time, and I really enjoyed all the wonderful fabrics and outfits. We didn't end up trying any of the food since the lines were really long and Ryan wasn't going to put with waiting that long. It was really neat, and the dancing was very cool.


I hope everyone is staying safe and has a great weekend.

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Lista said...

I'll have to look for your stuff at the fair! Mom's quilt didn't win anything, but her student got a red ribbon on hers in the kids' building. All your entries should place---they're all awesome!