Thursday, December 18, 2008

Delivery People have been busy!

I've been ordering things left and right, and I went on a little roving-buying spree. The first one was with some money I got for my birthday.

These first four are from Susan's Spinning Bunny.

Here's Anshan's Biscotti colorway in superwash BFL:

Autumn Sunset in merino and tencel:

8 ounces of BFL in Tamarack & Spruce:

I'm really not terribly happy with this one, unfortunately. I hadn't realized that there would be so much yellow. I don't mind yellow in small quantities, but I'm worried that all you'll see will be yellow. I'm going to spin up some of it and see though!

Here's Black Cherry in "Panda" which is 60% Merino, 30% bamboo, and 10% nylon. It's a superwash roving.

As part of the Ply By Night group on Ravelry, a bunch of us are going to spin up the same roving (well, not the same stuff, but we ordered the same colorway from the same store, Crown Mountain Farms) and we'll all make the same project. It's going to be fascinating!

And since they were having a sale (and I had some money in the PayPal account from selling some books), I couldn't pass up this gorgeous stuff:

It's a little more blue and a little less tan in real life.


In non-spinning parts of my life, I managed to get two pairs of fingerless mitts finished for Ryan's Pre-K teachers. He picked out the colors.

As always, click to embiggen the pics!


My sister is coming on Saturday and my Mom will be here on Sunday, then my Dad flies in on Wednesday night so it'll be wonderful to have the whole family here for Christmas!

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sweetpea16 said...

If you do not like the Tamarac & Spruce once you've test driven it, I'm willing to buy it from ya :)

I love that Sunshine stuff!!! It is going on my 'colors to buy from CMF' list (in my iPhone of course hehehe).

Cheers Eva