Monday, September 21, 2009

A Winged Visitor

This morning at 7:40 the phone rang. It was Greg, who was out in the driveway. He'd noticed a hawk sitting on the fence right outside Ryan's bedroom, and I ran and got the camera.

I managed to put the telephoto lens on the camera, and got some pretty decent shots.

Right after this it jumped down to the front of the gates, and we think it caught a small snake.

I have some pictures of the snake in its talons (and the hawk eating it), but they're kind of blurry and these pics are much more impressive:

Isn't it a beautiful bird?


shortoldlady said...

Isn't nature magnificent?? Thanks for sharing those great pictures.

Nancy said...

It is pretty but a few days ago one was in my backyard in the tree eating a bird from my feeder. I live in Owasso. I would rather it eat a snake and not my birds.

Kim said...

Great photos. These birds are so beautiful. So glad he's dining on snake.

Kathleen C. said...

The one with the wind ruffling his feathers is gorgeous! Is it a red tailed hawk?

mbuster835 said...

DH and I have looked and think this may be a juvinile redtail hawk. The tail isn't big enough or red enough for a mature redtail.