Saturday, January 01, 2011

Yellowstone slideshow

I've just made a slideshow of *some* of the pictures from the trip to Idaho--this is mostly just the ones from Yellowstone. I promise to do a summary post (or five) soon!

For now, the slideshow:

If you click on it, it'll take you to Picasa where you can see them embiggened. (I highly recommend that!)


adriene said...

Those are some impressive shots! I especially love the one with the bare trees and smooth snow beneath...

Marianne said...

manO..MAN! the photos are outstanding! GORgeous! I went through all of them at Picasa and they truly are AWESOME! so many to fave! loved the hoarfrost and seriously, just how close were you to the buffalo? you know, those 'close-ups'? wow. I've been pretty close to one, in Yellowstone, made myself quiet and small.
The fibre braids are gorgeous too, and that box O'2 lbs of polworth? had me DROOOOOOOOLing!
Now THAT'S what I call a Holiday!