Friday, February 04, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

We have a lot of snow.

A LOT. (Not alot, that's a whole different thing.)

How much snow do we have? Well, 14" + at this point.

Here's looking out across the cul-de-sac to the neighbors' house, with the kids helping Richard shovel the driveway:

I took this picture to show the impressive drift at the corner of the roof:

The one along the fence is cool, too.

Here's Gillian's snow fort that she made using the snow from the driveway:

So that was February 2nd.

Today we got MORE snow:

I figure we got about 2" more, judging from the arms of the chairs.

The kids have been out of school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and today. I suspect there won't be any school on Monday and possibly later since they're predicting more snow, and none of the neighborhoods around here have been plowed. This is a record-setting amount of snow and this area just isn't equipped to deal with it.

The grocery stores are pretty impressive--I've *never* seen the entire egg, bread, meat, and milk sections decimated, but there is NOTHING left on the shelves. Greg managed to time it just right this afternoon and got four dozen eggs at Braum's, thank goodness! I hadn't realized how many of my favorite recipes use eggs until we were down to five eggs.

Thank goodness we've not lost power so far! The 30-something hours we were without power a few years ago was sufficiently traumatic that we've stocked up on mini-propane tanks for our indoor-safe heater, but I'm hoping we keep power through the next wave of ice/snow.

Despite the kids being home I've managed to get a little bit of quilting done. This one, actually, was finished a few weeks ago but I'm just now getting to posting about it. This is Carolyn Lamp's quilt. She bought the blocks (minus centers) at a garage sale and put them together. I think it's a gorgeous quilt!

Aaand now Ryan wants my help with taking a bath so I'm off to do that and get back to quilting.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!


Lista said...

Wow, that's some gorgeous quilting! That quilt reminds me of the one my grandma made for me!

adriene said...

Goodness, you folks have been slammed with the snow! At least you've got some beautiful work done because of it! And I feel your pain about the eggs... when the weather goes kaput where I am, there is a serious lack of groceries, and it gets boring eating the stuff out of the cupboard. I hope you guys get some respite from the weather soon!

Marianne said...

The Snow. I'm loving it. It was so pretty coming down on Friday.. sigh :^) Have spent days/hoursOnhours of shoveling but even sorta kinda enjoyed that.
Beautiful quilt!!! the fabrics are so much fun, bits of retros in there (alot, har har!btw, love that site!!)and the quilting is beyond beautiful. Well done to you and Carolyn!