Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bargello in progress

This quilt started from a class I took at Seams Good in Owasso. I was not terribly impressed with the class and pattern although I love the store. So instead of going to the second part of the class I went off in a totally different direction with the quilt and incorporated all the elements I wanted to put into a bargello.

It's not coming together very quickly, but someday I hope to have it finished rather than have it languish indefinitely in the great black hole of UFOs. I wish I'd been more careful sewing the strips together, as the strata don't want to line up very well. This one is NOT going to win any prizes for technical proficiency! I'm normally a lot more particular, but it's so overwhelming on this quilt that I'll be happy to just get it together.

I have too many other things I want to work on to make it perfect. It'll end up being around 58" x 52" depending on what I decide to do with the borders.

Bargello-in-progress copyright 2005 Kat LeFevre

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