Tuesday, July 12, 2005

knitting guild in Tulsa

Last night I went to the Tulsa knitting guild meeting. What fun!! There were a bunch of very nice ladies doing very inspiring things! I love seeing all the different styles of projects everyone was working on. I felt very welcomed, and almost everyone there made it a point to come say "Hi" and introduce themselves. Not that I'll actually manage to remember everyone's names....

I showed the moebius band I made, and I've decided to write up the pattern to share with the guild. So now I have an excuse to go buy more yarn, since NONE of what I have is really suitable for taking pictures for illustrating the pattern. Like I really need an excuse to go buy more yarn. At least it'll only be one skein, since the neck ring takes almost an entire skein of Wool Ease. Yeah, I can justify right along with the best of them. ;-)

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