Sunday, July 17, 2005

Progress bars!!!

I CAN follow instructions after all! I went to and was able to put those cool progress bars on my blog! I even made a little bar that matches the template I chose. I'm quite pleased with myself.

Of course, I didn't include ALL the projects I haven't finished--the page would go on and on...I figure I have 17 unfinished quilt projects right now, which is down from 26+. Then there are the beading projects, and the crochet squares from an exchange that I have to put together (but I need to make a few more squares before I do), and the two hooked rugs I have to finish, and the things languishing in drawers and boxes that I haven't looked at since we moved from Southern Utah....

Now if only I had 72 hours in a day and no house cleaning, errands, etc. I might stand a chance of getting half of them done. Not!! That would just mean more time to start more projects. ;-)


Liz said...

Oh Kat thank you so much for this entry. I've been trying to find out about these. Think they are a neat feature. I'm new with this blog stuff and so far just dabbling. I'll see if I have as good of success as you

See ya at the pond! MS KAL

Kat said...

You're so welcome, Liz!
I'm glad I could help. :-)