Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas sweatshop

Well, not really a Christmas sweatshop since 1.) I'm the only one frantically knitting, and 2.) it's too cold to sweat. ;-)

I did finish gift for Gillian's teacher's aid and teacher. Since neither of them are aware of this blog, I'll post pictures:

This is a scarf for Gillian's teacher. I used Wool Ease Chunky (since I have NO idea about many of the recipients will treat their gifts, I decided to use washable yarns) and the pattern is "Midwest Moonlight" from Scarf Style by Pam Allen. The pen is there to show scale--it's a big scarf!

The mittens are for Gillian's teacher's aid. I used Kool Wool, also from Lion Brand, and the pattern is from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns which I highly recommend!!

The rest of the knitted items are destined for people who might read this, so I won't be posting about them until after Christmas.

I'm currently working on a pair of Cigar gloves from Knitty, and I'm trying something new to me: working on both of them on the same time, using two sets of double-pointed needles. It certainly isn't going as quickly as the mittens did, but I'm using Wool Ease in worsted weight (again, not sure about how they'll be laundered) at 6 sts to the inch, so the fabric is going to be fairly thick and warm. I hope. And I have to keep reminding myself that not only will they be the same, since I'm finishing one step on BOTH gloves before going to the next step, but they'll also BOTH be done when I'm finished with the last step. Pictures when there's something to see! ;-)

I'm getting really excited about my family coming for Christmas, although there's an overwhelming amount of stuff to be done before then. I need to finish painting the bathroom they'll be using in addition to the regular mad cleaning session that takes places right before the parents come over.... Then there's the sewing/craft/computer/guest room that has to be shoveled out before we can set up the bed. And the knitting I'm planning to do between now and Christmas. Ack!! Here's one of the things I managed to finish a few weeks ago, and now I just need to do two MORE:

The one on the left is my original stocking (my parents call me "Kate" but I haven't gone by that for about 15 years now; I'm not changing the stocking though!) and Greg's is the one I made. I didn't have a pattern so I copied it as best I could. I'm thinking about trying to block it more flat, but I don't want to kill the acrylic. I managed to find almost exactly the same yarn with the exception of the green, which is darker. Not bad for 30+ years later, though! I just need to do one for Gillian and one for Ryan. In 10 days. Oh, my.

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