Tuesday, December 20, 2005

More from the sweatshop

I FINALLY got the Cigar gloves done!! Hooray! I used WoolEase on size US1 needles. That's right, the suggested size is US8, but not for me--size 1s gave me the tight fabric I was looking for on these gloves (6 stitches per inch).

Here's a picture:

The black and grey yarns are WoolEase worsted weight, and the sparkly stuff is something that I can't remember at the moment. I think it's from Moda Dea. These are for Greg's boss' wife, a very nice woman. She (and the boss) spend a lot of time in the garage smoking, and since she's so thin she just freezes the whole time. Thus, gloves that will still keep you warm while you smoke! I hope they'll work for her--she's not exactly easy to buy for.

Here's a close-up of the fingers; the ring and pinky fingers are full-finger gloves, while the other three digits are partial fingers:

Not exactly easy to see since I used black yarn, buy I think they look good. They took me MUCH longer than I thought they would. The mittens I made for Gillian's teacher's aid took me a day each, and these gloves took me about 8 days, I think.

So now I only have two stockings to finish before Christmas, plus a few little things I can't mention here until after Christmas.

Happy Holidays, and I hope you're further along with your holiday preparations than I am.

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