Friday, December 02, 2005

NOT Sweepstakes after all

After inquiring about why I didn't get the prize money for my Sweepstakes hooked rug, it turns out I DIDN'T GET SWEEPSTAKES, DESPITE THE RIBBON BEING PINNED TO MY RUG.

I got a really condescending email basically calling me a liar from the creative arts people at the Tulsa Fair. My response was that the damn ribbon was pinned to my rug, and to attach a picture showing it in their locked display case. Fine, so I didn't get sweepstakes (the rug that did definitely deserved it more than mine) but THEY PINNED THE RIBBON TO MY RUG. I just think that's really shitty.

Just in case you were wondering if it could have been a mistake on my part, not only do I have the ribbon in hand (as it was pinned to my rug), but here's a picture again of the rug with said purple sweepstakes ribbon:

The angel rug above it was the real sweepstakes winner. Deservedly so, as it's a beautiful rug. I couldn't figure out at the time why mine had gotten sweepstakes instead of hers. Yeah, turns out it DIDN'T. Sorry, a little bit bitter and hurt here. I was SO excited to have won, and for the woman at the fair office to basically call me a liar is just an additional slap in the face. Here's her email:

[name deleted] gave me your email to answer.

The Sweepstakes winner for Rug Hooking was Mynette [name deleted], I'm not sure who had given you the information that you had been given the Sweepstakes. But sorry for the misinformation.

[name deleted], Creative Arts Assistant

So now what the hell do I do with this ribbon??? I proudly wrote in my information on the back. I know Mynette and she's a wonderful, very nice person. Now I'm wondering if she'll say anything the next time I see her. I'm just totally embarrassed about the whole thing now, and I'm excruciatingly glad I didn't go to the rug hooking meeting last night.


EvaLux said...

Hey there,
I wouldn't feel embarrassed about it. You didn't make the mistake, they did and they were pretty snotty about it too. If I were you I would explain what happened (snotty email and all) and offer to give her the ribbon, even though your information is on the back. Chances are she'll let you keep it. If not, it will make a nice story in both your lifes :)


Theresa said...

I agree...don't be embarrassed! You did nothing wrong...the ribbon is clearly on your rug! If this lady is a really nice and wonderful person as you write, she will be gracious and she will probably feel bad for you. I think she will understand. This is a real bummer and it does sting, but don't let someone else's poor attitude take the joy out of all the fun you had with the fair and the beauty of all you have created and continue to create!