Saturday, June 03, 2006

Amazing Lace entry info

I've started on my Amazing Lace project, at last! I'm a little early for the KAL that'll start later in the month or in July (to be decided) over at the Sivia Harding list, but I decided to start anyway since I'm a lace junkie. I'm working on the Hanging Garden Stole in KnitPicks' Alpaca Cloud Stream. So far I really like it--for some reason it feels like it's going really quickly. Go figure! I'm only on row 19 so far but I'm really enjoying it.

Here's an introduction to my team member:

I was originally going to put beads all over it, but I've decided to put beads only around the outer edge. It REALLY slows things down to put the itty bitty bead on a crochet hook, take the stitch off the needle, slip the bead off the crochet hook and onto the yarn, repeat slipping the bead onto the stitch when it doesn't work the first time, then move the stitch to the right needle. I swear it takes me as long to put a bead on as it does to purl half a row. I think the next time I want beads on something I'll figure out how many I need and pre-string them. Of course I could always pull out what I've done and start over with the beads on the yarn, but I know I won't.

The countdown has begun to the Knitting World Cup, as well as the Green Country Quilt Guild's biannual show, Quilt Tulsa 2006: Bits & Pieces. Actually, the quilt show has a preview night on the 8th, then full days the 9th and 10th. Hopefully I'll be finished with the whole thing on Thursday when I deliver the ribbons. All 170 of them. I'm really wondering what in the heck I was on when I volunteered for this. And kept volunteering for jobs. Did I just temporarily forget my two children and loving husband that need my time and attention? I think everyone in my family will be relieved when my jobs are finished, but I do have to admit that I've enjoyed the process. Enough on that!

I need to finish repainting the bathroom cabinet so that I can get back to knitting!


Knitted Zebra said...

Love the lace!!!!

marti said...

hmmm, i wonder if i should just keep plugging on my dfs for this one! i like the color you are using.