Thursday, June 22, 2006

Charting Lace CAL starting Friday

We're having our first CAL (Chart A Long) starting on Friday on my Charting Lace list, and I can't wait to see how everyone does! We're charting this doily, and there are some interesting twists.

I'm working on a different outer edge pattern that could be very interesting. We'll have to see if it's knittable. LOL!! The more I look at the doily from the last point to the edge, the more it bothers me. At least I know that if I totally mess it up, I can always rip back and finish it according to the pattern.

Here's the original doily, in a picture taken from Nurhanne's excellent site:

And hopefully in the next week or two I'll have my version finished. Hopefully. Yeah right, who am I kidding? It'll be a month or two....

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cricket ingraham said...

I am trying to make a quilt using muslin squares and some of the many crocheted pieces I have gathered over the years. Any suggestions from your readers? I really don't want to cut anything as I have seen done on other sites AND I dont want to glue anything. I think I am going to simply machine stitch them and would appreciate any suggestions in terms of pinning, blocking, etc.
Cricket Ingraham