Monday, October 02, 2006

Alice in Chains concert

On Saturday Greg, Joel (Greg's boss), Heather (Joel's wife), and I went to see Alice in Chains at the Cain's Ballroom. What an amazing show!! Hurt opened up for them, and they were pretty good. The drums were WAAAAAAYYY to loud in the balance and you could barely hear the vocals, but I could recognize a few of their songs from the very limited amount of radio I've listened to lately.

Alice in Chains, however, totally rocked. Excellent sound, perfect playlist, awesome performance. Jerry Cantrell's dad even took the mic for a little while, not that I could understand a word he said. Apparently he lives somewhere near Tulsa (I suspect if I was a bigger fan I'd actually know where in Oklahoma) so this was kind of a one-time deal. William DuVall also totally rocked! Not only does he look good on stage, he totally carried off the vocals.

Of knitting content, I'm still working on that Old Shale Variation scarf, and trying to talk myself into pulling out the Christmas stockings that MUST be done before Christmas this year. Ideally I should get them finished before Halloween, but I'm not holding my breath.


Opal said...

I love Alice In Chains! I'm so glad ou had a great time! Woohoo!

mad blogger said...

Who's Allison Keynes? That some knitter? I only know about knitting and knitting accessories.