Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shower is gone!

One of the things my Dad worked on while he was here was tearing out the old shower.

It totally deserved it.

DO NOT PAINT TILE. Ever. Unless you're a professional and you do it the right way.
Case in two points:

Yes, those are drips. Lots of them.

And that weird blue-ish area would be where perhaps the paint wasn't quite dry, but they kept painting anyway and wiped off the previous coat, allowing the underlying tile color to show through.

They did not etch the tile, just painted over it. BAD BAD BAD on them!!!

Last year at about this time I began attempting to strip off the paint. I probably put 80+ hours into it, maybe more like 120. Didn't get more than 2/3 of it finished and discovered cracked tiles, running all the way across the back wall. That's probably why they painted. I got way overwhelmed by the project (Greg already was) and with the kids wanting to "help" it made it very difficult to do anything at all. So it sat like that for almost a year, until my Dad starting chipping off tile Tuesday afternoon.

Last night I got an automated phone call from Lowe's (and it's a darn good thing the guy said "Lowe's" in the first few words--I've been being harassed big time by Countrywide trying to convince me I need to refinance and give them MORE money in the process--not going to happen!!). Anyway, they were calling to let me know that the shower was in, although we weren't expecting it until next week.

So today Greg decided to get serious about it. Really, really serious.

Here's the shower enclosure that's going in, only in white and with the controls on the left side:

Now we need to get a new shower control and move the drain so it's in the center. I'm so excited!


Opal said...

Yay for the new shower! That is so exciting!

Fannie Pie said...

woo hoo on the shower removal! We're working on bathroom overhaul too, it's creeping along, unlike your progress.

Also love the costumes, they are adorable!

Happy knitting!