Friday, May 25, 2007

Spinning experiment

Before we left for our vacation, I was one of the lucky recipients of some hand-dyed pencil roving from Rachel. As most of you know, I got my wheel in January so I'd consider myself a rank beginner. Since I was testing it, I gave myself permission to play. I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with:

The one on the far left is navajo-plied slightly thick and thin yarn, the middle is two singles plied together, and the right one is a very thick-and-thin singles plied with some thread from Superior Threads (using Highlights, one of my all-time favorite machine quilting threads).

And some gratuitous close-up pictures:

Kinda fun!! I still have to measure them for WPI and I haven't measured the yardage yet. I want to try knitting with them, although I'm not sure what--probably just some stockinette pieces with garter-stitch borders, just to play. I figure that I can always rip them out and re-knit if a better project comes along!

You can go to Rachel's blog for some pictures of what other people have done with her roving.

Thanks, Rachel, for the roving!


And yes, LisaK, I'm working on more pictures of the trip. :-)


Pennie said...

sounds like fun :) cute blog enjoyed reading it

Monika said...

Lovely color. I just finished a hat with my first handspun. Since it's on the bulky side, it was a quick knit. And useful too! ;o)