Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vacation, Day #1

I haven't finished unpacking yet, but I thought I'd start on my vacation recap.

I'm going to try to do one day per post so today's post is about the first day, tomorrow will be day #2, etc.

Day #1 - traveling from Tulsa to Salt Lake City, then on to Heber City, Utah.

Ryan had a good time playing with his woobie when he wasn't napping.

Here's a view outside of the neat clouds. I loved how puffy they were. These are somewhere between Tulsa and Dallas.

This is the start of my Swallowtail Shawl. I cast on the night before the trip, which would've been Thursday, May 10. Note the handy pattern holder that the airline supplied. :-)

In the Salt Lake Airport, playing with the luggage cart. There was a large open space between the baggage carousels, and no one was standing anywhere near. They weren't going as fast as it looks like in this picture--I didn't have the flash on.

And of course Ryan had to try pushing Gillian. LOL!

Once we got to Heber City and checked into our hotel (and had dinner), the kids really really really wanted to go swimming, so we did.

Here's Gillian in the pool with her new floaty,

And Ryan thinking about getting in (but not getting in unless I was holding him). He didn't get into the hot tub, but it looked like something more his speed until we turned on the jets. Then he wasn't interested.

Tomorrow, the Heber Creeper!

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LisaK said...

Post more pic, please! I'm sure you have nothing better to do ;-P.