Monday, November 05, 2007

Busy busy busy

I'm still here, just very busy!

There's a LOT going on here, and I'll post about in a few differnt postings. First up, here are our "creep cakes" we made for Halloween:

I couldn't find my cake-decorating tips, so I was stuck using a knife to try to swirl the color I wanted where I wanted it. The kids and I had fun making these. My favorite is the zombie (third row down, second from left) with the brown jelly-bean teeth.

We finally broke down and bought a "Bag A Nut" device for picking up pecans, and I'm thrilled with how well it works! We haven't had to rake this year, and it's been a lot faster so far to pick them up.

The other huge project we've got going right now is remodeling the back bedroom, and here's a picture of the progress as of yesterday afternoon:

I can't WAIT to get rid of that green color!! It'd be one thing if our decorating scheme went along with it, but it really really doesn't. It's incredibly dark and I find it hard to live with. Yay for beige!

In kid news, Gillian lost her first top tooth and in addition to having a really cute smile, now she's got a bit of a lisp, too. The other top front one is loose, so it could get really intersting once it comes out, too!

What a couple of hams!

I've got a lot more to talk about and a lot more pictures to show, but not tonight--I still have to get the guild newsletter out and finish my swatches for the workshop coming up this weekend with Joan Schrouder.

Happy knitting, and hopefully more posting tomorrow.


Jane said...

I love those Creep Cakes! The look wonderful to me! I had no idea they made a device to gather nuts. That's really interesting! My hats off to you living at home with construction and still making cupcakes. I'm not sure I'd be able to manage it.

Romi said...

Those are adorable! :)

Opal said...

oh i love the creep cakes. i think that zombie cake is my favorite too!

Diane said...

Your cupcakes are very cute. And so are your hammy kiddos.

Alycia said...

oh those cakes are SOOO Adorable. I had to show all the boys - we will be over for dessert!! How creative.

Robin said...

Kat, the cupcakes are so much better than mine that I made for halloween/mybirthday.. and a belated happy birthday to you. I hope it was a good one for you.. now that I am online again I hope to chat more and make some of the knit nights and Penera..

Chrisknits said...

I think feel insulted. That's the color of my bedroom walls! Each to their own I suspect.

I have never seen such a contraption. Bet the kids love to work it!! At least for 2-3 minutes, until they realize it's work!