Friday, November 23, 2007

Look what we did!

We've been working pretty hard on the quilt-studio-to-be, and we had a little help:

We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the floor, and finally we were ready to lay down the bamboo flooring:

And here's the most awesome husband in the world, with 38" of flooring put down:

And a gratuitous close-up:

The tape is on there to keep the joints together while the glue dries.

We're SO excited! Hopefully tomorrow we'll get the rest of the floor laid, then we'll be able to start moving in the quilt machine. We'll probably break it down and leave it in pieces for a day or two, and put in the trim and doors. I hope to be able to set the machine back up on Sunday or Monday, and then look out, because I'm going ot quilt up a storm!!

Greg is talking about putting bamboo flooring in the hallways and living room, now that we've gotten over our anxiety over gluing it down. Look out, we're dangerous now!

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Penny said...

How exciting! I bet it's going to look great!