Friday, February 15, 2008

Catcing up & I'm Officially Dead

My Hat of Death arrived in Wednesday's mail and it's wonderful! I haven't taken pictures yet but I will. Hat Attack was way fun, and it'll be fun to see how long it takes to play out. It looks like about 2/3 of the participants have been taken out at this point. That was quick!


I conned my DH into holding up my newest (and very heavy) quilt so I could take a picture:

I haven't measured it since I finished it, but before it went on the machine it was 94" x 114", so it's a big quilt!

The pattern is called Checkerboard Chains, although I made it bigger than the original. It's from the book

Here's the back fabric. You can't see the quilting on the majority of it, but if you click on it you can see the dark thread in the border.

And here's a mediocre shot of the quilting from the front:

If you click on the picture you might be able to see the quilting a little bit better.


In knitting news, I'm down to the last four rows on my Norwegian Woods red shawl! There are more tan 700 stitches in the last few rows so it's slowed down a little bit. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some pictures (before blocking).


Have a great weekend, everyone!


Kathy said...

Way cool, Cousin! Can't wait to see the hat! Where DO you find the time to do all of this AND take care of that family of yours?

Many hugs....

Penny said...

Beautiful quilt and quilting! Do you have a stitch regulator?

BadCatDesigns said...

That is lovely! I apologies in advance, but tag, you're it! See my blog for the terrible details:)

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful quilt, Kat! I love the design and your quilting is exquisite! Wish I could do that!! Cheers! Mary Ann

LisaK said...

So sorry to hear of your death.

Love the quilt. If you run out of places to put your beautiful creations, I volunteer my house ;-P

Lisa Boyer said...

I am in lurrrrrve with your checkerboard quilt. Love all the fussy cut kitties! And your quilting is divine (yes, I did the close-up). I am so impressed with your circle-thing filler pattern. They're so round!