Sunday, February 10, 2008

Imminent Death by Hatting

The Hat Attack is in full swing, and I finished my hat last night.

That's the hat I made for my target. I just found out that my assassin has finished her hat, and it will be in the mail "on Monday and using the fastest shipping I can afford." LOL! I will be posting a picture of my "death" when it arrives in the mail, Rollergirl1978!

So it's pretty obvious that I'll be killed in the first round. I had high hopes for making through at least the first round but it's not going to happen. The way this whole thing works is that when you receive a finished hat, you're dead. So that fact that my assassin is already finished isn't a good sign for my longevity in this contest.

Apparently there will be a second Hat Attack later this year and I'll just have to try again!


Taueret said...

oh what a fun idea. Being as far away from nearly everyone as you can get (the universe isn't expanding from the centre, it;s rushing away from yours truly) I would surely be dead before I cast on. But it sounds like a blast.

Crochetoholic said...

I am with you..Way toooo many hobbies and not enough hours in the day....but I love them all...getting the time to talk about them is the main problem.. :(

Opal said...

Well, I say you acquitted yourself quite well!

Emma said...

Killer hat! Ha!

Kathy said...

Way to go, Cousin! (And a big Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!)