Monday, February 04, 2008


I managed to get a few pictures taken, amazingly!

First up, the soy silk I've been spinning. I've learned a few things about spinning this stuff: don't unwind more than about 6" at at time--once you untwist this stuff it comes apart and immediately attaches to the darkest thing you're wearing. LOL!

I'm loving how it's turning out so far. I'm putting a fair amount of twist in it, as I was putting less in at first and it kept coming apart as I'd pull it back off the bobbin to check the twist. Hopefully it won't be too stiff for lace-weight, since it's spinning up pretty fine.


Up next is the quilt I took off the machine on Saturday evening. Here you can see the quilting in the outer border:

And here's the design in the inner border as well as some of the blocks. The picture has a touch more pink than in the real quilt.

I'm calling this "Finished Is Better Than Perfect." I really like it, even though it's far from perfect (as the name says!). Right now I'm about halfway finished with the hand-sewing part of the binding. I didn't get as much done on it yesterday during the Superbowl as I'd hoped, but it'll get done soon (I hope).


That's it from me today! I finished the second repeat of the third lace pattern in the red shawl, so hopefully I'll be able to finish that, too, by the end of the week.

Have a great week!


Kathy said...

Wow! You are really becoming proficient at using that new-fangled machine of yours, Cousin! Let me know when you're ready to try a Lone Star top! :)

Sue, aka seiding said...

Your soy silk looks wonderful! I really enjoyed knitting with mine, too. You reminded me that I want to get some more!