Saturday, May 10, 2008

In addition to all of the unread stuff in my blogroll, I've got a loooong list going of the stuff I want to blog about.

I'm just going to start posting about it, in no particular order, and probably in a bunch of different posts rather than one long one.

You've been warned. ;-)


Here's my latest finished quilt:

The color balance is WAY off in this picture but I had to post it to show off my quilt holders.

They weren't terribly pleased to be drafted into helping. I've since figured out a way to hold quilts for photographing, although I've managed to lose the curtain rings I bought specifically for it. [sigh] Once I find them I'll take some pics of the system and post them.

About the quilt:
It's a gift for DD's first-grade teacher, and the kids all signed one of the blocks. Everything except the back came out of my stash, and I made it start-to-finish in 10 days.

We gave it to her yesterday, Friday, and I think she's thrilled with it. I'm just so amazed at the progress DD has made in her class this year.


My wonderful Aunt Louise sent these incredible music boxes (that's not the right term, becuase they don't open, but they sure are neat!) a while back and I've been remiss in posting about them.

Aren't they just wonderful? The workmanship on them is immaculate, especially since I'm used to seeing things like this (but no where near as nice!!!) that are made in China and other places, mass produced as cheaply as possible. I have one of them sitting here by my computer and I just admire all the little tiny pieces, painted with such care. They're so neat! Thank you, Aunt Louise!!


I'll be teaching at this year's Fiber Christmas, coming up toward the end of July. I'm excited about it, but I haven't completely nailed down exactly what I'll be teaching. Beginning knitting will be one class, and beginning lace knitting will be the other. I'm working on a scarf design using fingering-weight yarn for the lace class. It's so hard to figure out what to teach in such a short period of time, since I really love it when I can have two or more sessions with someone when I'm teaching them. I'll have lots of handouts, I'm sure.

I'll post a link to the website in a few days or so.


That's all for right now. I have a bunch more stuff to post about but I'll get to it some day....


Opal said...

Gorgeous quilt, Kat. You are so multi-talented!

LisaK said...

The quilt is awesome. What a wonderful thing to do for the teacher! I love the holders too.

Romi said...

WOW! That is gorgeous! I am duly impressed. :)