Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ryan's Room is now Blue!

The tan color is gone, and it's now quite blue. We were joking around that it doesn't look like a spare bedroom any more.

Now we need to paint the doors and trim, and it'll be ready to move Ryan's stuff back in place.

The real challenge of this project has been the "help" from the kids. They want to help so badly, but they're just not quite to the ages that they can be helpful for very long.


Yesterday we decided to have a little outing for a treat, and we went to Wendy's and then saw an IMAX film in 3D, Dolphins and Whales. Gillian, Greg, and I really enjoyed it but Ryan didn't like the 3D glasses. It was a short film, which was one of the reasons we decided to go, knowing that Ryan has a hard time sitting through more than about 35 minutes. Heck, he's four, so I think he's doing pretty well. I thought the film was good, although it got a little preachy (they hit you over the head again and again with the conservation/protection of the "tribes" but I know that's important), and Daryll Hannah wouldn't have been my choice for narrator. It was good overall though!

Back to painting....

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Penny said...

That is REALLY pretty!! Love the light.