Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Quilt Show is Almost Here

Sometimes I wonder if I've lost my mind, and sometimes I'm sure of it.

The quilt show is almost here, and I'm getting close to being ready for it. I'm sure my family is more than ready for it to be over so I can return to being a rational person again.

This year I'll be selling my patterns, which meant I had to make a sample very quickly. I realized that I didn't have *any* samples of my Sparkling Star Chains (the quilt with the black background a few posts ago) so that created a slight bit of panic. As of yesterday it's done, complete with a hanging sleeve, so that's a relief.

I'm entering three quilts of my own in the show, and of course I couldn't be ready ahead of time and have the hanging sleeves and labels on, so that's what I did all day yesterday.

One of these days I'll start planning four times more time for projects. I'll try to take pictures of the finished Sparkling Star Chains quilt today, hopefully.

Tomorrow I'll go to the fairgrounds and set up my booth, then the show is Friday and Saturday. My wonderful hubby is going to take Friday off work and stay with the kids, and Gillian is pretty excited about seeing all the quilts. I'm hoping that my hubby will watch the booth for a few minutes so that I can sneak off and look at the quilts.


Not much knitting has been squeezed in, and what little knitting has gotten accomplished got ripped out last night. I'd been working on some toe-up socks of my own design and last night I finally made the decision to rip out what I'd done. I was almost 2" into both socks and it was really obvious that they were going to be too big. On my huge feet that's pretty amazing!


A few months ago I'd pre-ordered Laura Lee Fritz' two new books and they arrived Monday. I love her work, and I was fortunate to take a class from her about six years ago. Her class and can-do attitude have made a big impact on me and my quilting style and these two books are very exciting.

I just wish I'd had them a long time ago!!


The quilt show is put on by the Green Country Quilters Guild, and will be held at the Central Park (a brand-new building) at the Tulsa Fairgrounds, Friday and Saturday June 6 and 7 from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

I'll be there selling my patterns, so if you're in the area come see me!


Penny said...

I also preordered the books and they arrived, this week. Can't wait to sit down and go through them!

Jane said...

Good luck at the show!