Thursday, January 29, 2009

More pictures

This post could also be titled "Machine Monday, Three Days Late."

First, last night we had a kind of blah sunset, but the light from the sunset shining through the ice on the trees was pretty darn spectacular!

YOU MUST click on the pictures to see the light. It doesn't show up in the small pictures, 'k?

I was just entranced! Then I went back inside because it was cold!


Next up, Karen's Birthday Quilt Which Is Late. Yep, that's it's official name right now.

I'm struggling with a design for the blocks. My Mom suggested a free form feather, but I'm still waffling. It'll come to me in the next day or so, hopefully.

And now I've got a splitting headache so I'm going to bed. At least the kids (finally!!) go back to school tomorrow.


Karen said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm looking forward to getting it some time... :-)

angtoyou said...

This quilt is gorgeous and you will come up with something for those blocks. :~)

Lisa Boyer said...

Hope your headache gets better! The quilting on Karen's quilt is marvelous! Wonderful job. Pretty quilt, too!