Saturday, January 10, 2009

Long Time no Blogging

I've been neglecting my blog just horribly lately, but I feel like I've either been frantically busy or ill.

I'm just going to do a quick update because I still need to bake a pumpkin pie for the knitting guild holiday party tomorrow. Thank goodness we have these things in January instead of in the midst of the insanity of December!

I've gotten a bit of knitting and spinning done, but I'm just going to show you spinning pictures today. (I have LOTS more things to talk about and show, but not tonight.)

Here are too many some pictures of my most recent yarn, spun from superwash Merino roving from Crown Mountain Farms. What lovely stuff! The colors aren't my first choice, but this is for a spin- and knit-along with the Ravelry group Ply By Night. We'll all spin the same roving and make the same project to show the differences that can be made using different techniques but using the same materials. It's been neat so far!

I got 262 yards from 2 ounces, which puts it in the fingering range. I'll be using it to make the Morning Surf Scarf (pictures coming soon).

Now I'm off to bake some pumpkin pies.

As always, click the pictures to embiggen.

Have a great weekend!

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