Friday, February 13, 2009

Death Sox are in the mail!

I finished my Death Sox and shipped them out on Thursday. I really, really hope they fit my victim!

I included some chocolates and two book marks with the socks. I realized that I forgot to put in a note with the socks, so hopefully once my victim posts I can tell him what the bookmarks are as it might not be terribly obvious. The one on the bottom sock is a "book thong" and I love them—they don't fall out of the book.

They don't look all the big in the pictures, but they're men's size 11 and they are BIG. Especially with DK-weight yarn!

I wish I'd had more of a clue about the design as I would've chosen very different yarn. Oh well, that's part of the fun of these things!

I had about 4 yards (total, from BOTH balls!) left of the patterned yarn. Whew!


Happy Valentine's Day a little early. The kids both had parties at school today. I found this on the kitchen counter from Gillian:

She very kindly labeled them with "I do not like these." What a funny kid!


My Dad was very busy today. He says he's laughed so hard that his abdomen muscles hurt.

He put yellow dye in a weed sprayer and decorated all of the snowbanks around the driveway with his friends' names. He thinks it's absolutely hysterical. (So do I! I guess there's not much question about from where I get my sense of humor.)

My mom, on the other hand, is rather appalled. ROFL!

He even included Greg. He's serious when he says Greg is part of the family. LOL!


Tomorrow is the second day of my sock class out at Ewe-Nique yarns in Sapulpa. I've been having a great time with that class and with my beginner class. Tomorrow we'll do a heel flap and gusset, which should be quite fun!


Happy Valentine's Day and have a great weekend!


sweetpea16 said...

What intrigues me most about the pics from your dad's 'pee' writing is that red thing in the last pic... is that a British phone booth? That's what I think it is from the red and shadows I can see...

Anonymous said...

I LIKE your father!!

mary said...

Your dad is hysterical! That sounds like something my dad would have done when he was alive. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Marte said...

Ahahahaha, I love the yellow snow :D