Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still alive in the Battle of the Soxes

As of today, the mailman has not brought me a squishy filled with socky death.

I'm closing in on the end of the current socks:

These arrived on Friday afternoon (I think!), and I've made good progress. The sock on the left was finished to the heel (where the yellow string is), and I finished the rest of that sock.

Here's my progress as of 11:00 this morning:

As of this evening I'm almost done with the heel flap. I must have some good adrenaline going because these feel like they're going really quickly. Then again, I don't normally spend quite this much time knitting during the day!

My first victim (that's hoping I'll have a second victim!) was David, and he says the socks are a great fit. They were quite deadly, however. There are prizes for most creative death, among other things!

Looks like a good fit to me!


I finished the quilting on my sister's quilt last week, but I haven't spread it out to take pictures yet. I just need to do the hand-sewing on the binding and it'll be ready to send.


And now back to the second Sox of Death...

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Marte said...

Best finished object pictures ever :D

(verification word: haghill!)