Sunday, June 14, 2009

More of the Idaho Trip

My Dad wrote an awesome recap of our Idaho trip, so I'm going to let him narrate and I'll add occasional pictures.

Here we go!

We drove to Rigby on back roads and had lunch in the room at ‘Me n’ Stan’s’ (a restaurant) where we had our rehearsal dinner on August 30, 1968. We ate a local specialty, scones with honey butter. We drove to Mom’s where we sat with Paula, Mel, Pam, and Mom while they ate and we all had dessert together.

We then went to the children’s portion of the Idaho Falls Library to check out books and reading material for the summer reading program. The railroad tracks south of the library and between it and the parking lot were about to be repaired so we looked at how the inside upper surfaces of the old tracks were worn over.

We drove to Reed’s Dairy and all bought kid’s-sized cones of ice cream, ate them in the little inside seating area (to avoid the rather intense smell of dairy cattle), then stopped at the Fiber Arts Guild meeting where Kathie took her grandchildren inside to show them off to her friends.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009:

Bill had several meetings and worked all day.The rest of the family drove to Rexburg to meet Pam, Rachel and her kids, and Mom and Paula. They rode a wonderfully restored carousel and had ice cream and ate at McDonald’s.

Here's Aunt Paula, who was being a great sport about riding the carousel (she's in the purple/maroon shirt in the center):

And here's Grandma and Aunt Pam:

In the evening Granddad and the kids took the truck to the storage place and retrieved the camper. We all loaded the camper and Granddad mowed the lawn. It rained and got the camper wet so Granddad washed it while he had a reasonable chance of removing a year’s accumulation of bugs.

Thursday, June 4, 2009:

At 11 a.m., Gillian, Ryan, and Kat went for a half hour ride in a Cessna Skyhawk II, a 4 place airplane, with Bob Picker, flight instructor. Gillian sat in the left-hand (pilot’s) seat and flew the airplane. (Bill was about her age when he had his first small airplane ride with his Uncle Bob, his mother’s brother, from the Sayre farm in West Virginia to Dayton, Ohio.)

Gillian turned the airplane using the wheel – her legs were too short to reach the rudder pedals so Bob operated them for her and took off and landed. The flight was an ‘Introductory Flight’ and featured a thorough pre-flight inspection where Bob patiently explained the airplane and what he was looking for during his inspection.

Here's a view of the mountains to the east, with the Grand Teton just peeking above the closer mountains in the very center.

Gillian made a sharp turn and I was surprised to be looking straight down at Idaho Falls.

The Snake River, with the falls in the center.

By 2 pm we were on our way to Island Park with Ryan and Bill in the truck and the ladies in the Avalon. We stopped at ‘Dave’s Jubilee’ in Ashton for fuel for the truck, a big bag of salt water taffy, a small ice cream for everybody, and a potty stop. Gillian asked as we entered the store if it was where we bought salt water taffy last year. What a memory! Later whenever Ryan didn’t like a piece of it, he’d spit it out. The Tetons were spectacular to the east.

I'm going to end this post here, as the next post will have a *lot* of pictures!

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