Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bohus knitting workshop

Today was fascinating!

The K.N.I.T. (Knitting Needles In Tulsa) Guild hosted Susanna Hansson for a Bohus (pronounced "Boo-heus" with the last syllable almost in a kissing kind of movement) workshop. We started on wristlets, and this is the class's progress:

Mine is the one in the center top.

Here are some of the gorgeous sweaters and accessories Susanna brought:

These are some of the ladies who took the class, with Susanna (seated) demonstrating a stranding technique:

These are some samples of different sizes and edging treatments:

I worked a little bit more on my cuff when I got home, but after the second time I had to rip back the same simple three rounds, I decided I was too tired to continue.

Tomorrow is the stripes class, which I originally wasn't going to take but I was offered a free scholarship so I decided to go! I'm looking forward to it.


In other news, I may have broken my toe last night. If it's not actually broken then it's very sore, very bruised, and rather swollen.

[Wow, my feet are really unattractive. LOL! At least I have hair on my toes, which means my circulation is still O.K.. Woo hoo for hairy toes!]

I hope all of you have as great a weekend as I'm having.


Marianne said...

Ahah... the knitting guild! I read Ann's blog yesterday and wondered how I'd missed hearing about this, now I know.
How fantastic!!! and oh so beautiful. I have the book 'Poems of Color' and I love looking/reading through it, inspires great dreams :^)
Poor little toe. all red and angry. there's not much you can do with a broken toe, they tend to mend all on their own, eh?
seriously? I refer to my hairy toes as just having Hobbit feet. lol.

Kim said...

Oh, this post is exciting! I am taking Susanna's class at Stitches West and really appreciate the photos. I've yearned long for the opportunity to take this class.

ann I am said...

The class was every bit as wonderful as you say. I've almost got my first wristlet done. I'll see if I can e-mail those stripe class photos to you tonight.

Grandmavickey said...

More great stuff! Your toe looks like Robert's did as he was getting some sort of fungus. If it was your great toe I would say gout, perhaps. The kids and your mom are so fun to see together. Keep up the good work.