Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Storm

We're getting walloped by the weather around here.

It started raining yesterday, which froze as soon as it hit the ground. Right now it's snowing.
So far we still have power, and hopefully we'll continue to have power. We keep having flashbacks to the ice storm of 2007, also known as The Ice Storm of Doom. LOL!

This time around we've got a propane indoor-safe heater, so things won't get quite as bad as 2007 as long as the power doesn't go out for too long.

I haven't actually ventured outside yet, but I did take some pictures from inside.

This is how the hoses looked this morning around 9:00:

Two hours later, after the snow started, they looked like this:

It's continuing to snow so they're quite a bit more buried now.

Here's the patio set:

The next-door neighbor's weeds (yes, they're so big they're growing above the fence--this one is about 12' tall):

The back fence (with the other neighbor's sagging patio cover) and lots of icicles:

It's really, really nasty out there. The problem isn't the snow, it's the 3/4" of ice all over everything. Greg actually stayed home from work today, which makes me worry a LOT less. He said he went to get on the turnpike (about a mile south of us) and the ice pellets started hitting his windshield. He said that getting there probably wouldn't be a problem, but getting home again after snow all day could be a *big* problem.

I was supposed to go scrapbooking tonight but I'm going to call and cancel. It's just not worth it to go anywhere, especially since we're normally there until around midnight.

I hope all of you are staying warm, and that all of my local friends don't lose power!


Marianne said...

It's a Beautiful Winter Wonderland out there now!
Yes, stay warm and hope the power stays on.

Lista said...

I vote for an early spring!! (Had to leave a comment because the "1 PEOPLE HAD SOMETHING TO SAY" was driving my inner grammar fanatic crazy! LOL!)