Thursday, November 10, 2005

Anemone Pattern is up up up!!

After multiple tries all day, for some reason the computer gods smiled and the same thing I've been doing finally worked!

The Anemone PDF is up on my site!!!
Here it is and I'll also put it on the sidebar on the right.

Woo hoo!!

I'd love feedback on it, so feel free to share!

If anybody has any ideas about how to fix the sidebar graphic header being off (which didn't bother me a first, but now it's driving me nuts), I'd love to have some help fixing it. Don't ask how I screwed it up. LOL!


EvaLux said...

It has been downloaded and I'm already going through my stash in my mind to see what I can come up with as yarn to use :)

Cheers Eva

Kat said...

Eva, you're too funny!! I hope you enjoy it!

Nancilyn said...

Love the anenome ! Thanks for sharing with your Amplista buds.

Anonymous said...


Do you wear the ruffle towards or away from your face when you wear it around your neck??

Kat said...

I've gotten a ton of compliments on this pattern, so thanks everyone!!

As far as wearing it, I usually have the ruffles away from my face for the gaiter version, but you can wear it any way you want. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely pattern on ample knitters. It frames your face so nicely. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Theresa said...

First of all Kat, that's a nice picture of you in the anemone!

Second, I think the fir cone shawl is beautiful. I hadn't been to your blog for a week or so and was surprised to come back and see all your progress! I am curious though, how you feel about the 3/4 shawl, as far as fitting. Does it fit better than the triangular Kiri?

Also I thought you had the yarn from and it was already blue? Was there something wrong with it? Just curious.

I think it would be nice to see what it looks like on YOU! :o)

Kat said...

Thanks for the nice things about my shawl, Theresa! The 3/4 shape does lay more nicely on my arms than the triangular shape, and it stays on my shoulders without me having to hold it, which is nice.

Yes, the yarn was already blue, but when I joined the sceond hank of yarn it was SIGNIFICANTLY darker! I just couldn't stand it (see ealier post for pictures).

I'm working on more pictures, since I need to take some better ones to enter the EZasPi Shetland Lace Workshop contest--due on Monday (tomorrow)